Are there kits on the server?
- Yes. You type /kits to see what is available, and the type /kit to purchase it.
Is there a shop on the server?
- Yes. You can purchase shop items and vehicles in game through the chat system. The shop/vehicle list can be found by doing /list command
I see bases around the map with approved signs on them. Can i build a base on the server and how do i get it approved?
- Yes. Purchase a claim flag from the server shop by typing /buy claim and claim your area before you build. After you build you can ask an Admin/Moderator in game for base approval, or join our discord and request approval in the #base-approval channel. If you cant join discord or an admin/Moderator is not online when you are, simply put a metal sign in front of your base with the names of the players that live there.
My base got raided! what can i do?
- Make sure to seal your base, all doors, gates and hatches must be metal to be locked for other players except for you and your group members (wooden objects are never locked) If you have windows but no glass inside them, put walls up instead until you are able to craft windows for them. Roofs are not safe becuase they are high up, be sure there is no way to enter your base from the rooftop either.
I left my car in front of my base when I logged out, today I logged back in and it's gone. What can i do?
- It probably got carjacked by some player or removed by admin as server cleaning process, we advice you to store it in virtual garage, it will be safe there
I really like your server and i would like to help support it, and i would like to donate.
- Yes. Please follow the donation, if you want to buy some perk/kits/subscription please choose the game you play and buy rank
I would like to buy subscription/perks/kits to enchance my ability in this game. what is the way?
- if you want to buy some perk/kits/subscription please choose a game and then buy vip, If you have any questions ask the server owner (Deadalive) or an Admin.
I saw a hacker/glitch base, what should i do?
- Look at the report link below and follow the process.