Deadalive PVE server rules for our unturned server.

- Do not put any advertisment stuff or discord link on our server and discord.

- Respect other players

- No offensive content/language in chat. You can use any language, as long as it�s not offensive

- No raiding

- No griefing

- No blocking or capturing of buildings

- No spamming in chat. Do not abuse world chat, use area chat when possible.

- One vehicle per player

- no tpa killing

- Listen to staff

- Do not ask admins/mods for items, teleports, loot respawns ect.

- Due to a bug in the vgarage, you store items in lockers/wardrobes or any other container on your vehicle at your own risk. Items lost will NOT be spawned back for you.

Base building rules for pve servers.

- No capturing of public or private facilities.

- No building on or too close to loot spawns.

- No building inside cities and towns.

- No building on the streets.

- No skybases.

- No building bases with free form buildables.

- Do not abuse the use of freeforms on bases or vehicles.

- Do not build bridge.

- Players and groups can have only 1 base and that base must be 1 structure. No making a village with 12 1x1 huts.

- 3 story base is the maximum height allowed.

- Players or groups with 1 or 2 in a base can have a maximum of 25 tiles. Every floor tile space is counted as 1, and every roof tile space is counted as 1 on every level of the base including the rooftop. Triangles spaces are counted as 1/2 tile. The total of these must not exceed 25 tiles. Removed floors and roofs from inside the base are still counted. Example: a 3x3 base that is 2 story tall has 9 floor tile spaces, 9 roof tile spaces and another 9 roof tiles spaces above that = 27 tiles.

- Groups with 3 in a base can have a maximum of 35 tiles.

- Groups with 4 or more can have a maximum of 50 tiles.

- All bases must have a claim flag that covers their entire base and must be approved by a mod/supermod/admin. A placard will be placed on the base with all the names of players living inside. That base must have claimed beds matching the number of occupants inside.

- Do not make the perimeter around your base into a fortress surrounded by barbed fencing/tanktraps/sandbags or any other guard or barricade. Its pve guys.

- Do not have a crapload of placed objects outside of your base/shop.

- Do not abuse the use of spotlights/cagelights/campfires/lamps or torches. Turn them off when you log out please.

- Vehicles left anywhere on the map when you log out will be deleted, use the vgarage.

- Your base will start to decay, if you don't join for 7 days(france,germany,pei,russia) 5 days(elver,washington,yukon).

Horde Beacon rules for pve servers

- you should announce in chat before doing horde beacon.

- you cannot join people's horde beacon without their permission

- mega zombie belongs to the person who is doing horde beacon, if you accidently killed it, you will have to pay the amount to owner of horde beacon.

- for safety of your horde beacon you should place door in horde hut and remove after done.